Who pays for lunch?

"If you don't see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner".

Marketer. Engineer. Blogger. Cog in the great machine, the one real god called The Free Market. We have been taught that this god trumps government, organized religion, and all other modern-day institutions. It has trained us to listen to only one sound: the Voice of the Customer.
Faced with a state of environmental disrepair and resource constraints, we thus find ourselves at a crossroads. How can designers and marketers create new products and services, meet profit expectations and still commit to sustainability? And, being consumers ourselves, can we rein in our own learned behavior of “buy, buy, buy”?
A new, inescapable reality that poses a great challenge but there should be solutions within the realms of possibility, shouldn't there? 
Still, the irony remains: If we were to somehow curb consumerism, who then pays for lunch?